The Belgian- Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce for Russia and Belarus (BLRB Chamber of Commerce, BLCC Russia) was established in 1974 by the management of the Belgian Office of Foreign Trade as the responsible branch of the Belgian Association for Exportation and Cooperation (in French: ABEC. It was grouping the associations acting with the centralized economies of Eastern Europe).


The Chamber was first created under the denomination of “Economical Committee for the Belgian-Luxembourg cooperation with USSR”. In 1992, it became the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce for Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, and developed more activities with information letters to members, receiving official business missions from Russia and Belarus.

From 1994, the Chamber has developed regular activities with monthly newsletter to members, and the organization of several official trade missions from/to Russia and Belarus, seminars and conferences. In 1996, the Management Committee was much enlarged and in 1999, the Chamber became a vzw-asbl, concentrating endeavours on Russia and Belarus.

On 15 October 2013, our team has initiated the creation of partnership with the Belgian - Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Russia (BLCC Russia). Two independent entities (our Chamber - BLCC & BLRB) cooperate in frame of the cooperation agreement.

CCBLR Brussels succeeded after deep analyze in getting the status of accredited member of the "Belgian Chambers" Federation and the Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg.

Presidents of CCBLR Brussels are top managers of companies: Ahlers, Asahi Glass Group (Today - AGC), Bekaert, Solvay: 

2002 - 2006 - Luc Willame, Past senior executive vice-president Asahi Glass Group
2006 - 2010 - Werner Cautreels, Past Member of the Executive Committee of Solvay and CEO of Solvay Pharmaceuticals 
2010 - 2014 - Jacques van Rijckevorsel, before September 2014 - Member of the Executive Committee of chemical concern Solvay
2014 - 2016 - Bert De Graeve, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bekaert
2016 - 2020 - Alеxis Вrоuhns, Senior Executive Vice President Europe of Solvay

Since 2020 - Stefan Van Doorslaer, Group CEO at Ahlers Logistics

In 2019, our Chamber has celebrated its 45th anniversary. 

In 2020, the CCBLR in Brussels has changed to become the BLRB Chamber of Commerce! Since 2021, we have been working together under the BLCC & BLRB brand to accompany you in the prosperity of your business on the Eurasian continent.


On our website, you can fin our news our activities, from our partners and members but also news and analyses from Russia and Belarus. We want to create a real exchange with our members with a part dedicated to their success stories and business proposals.