BLRB Chamber of Commerce organizes both Inbound and Outbound Trade Missions to establish a greater network of private and public sector entities and provide firsthand knowledge of trade relations to our members.


Trade Missions identify multi sectors High-technology for growth in infrastructure development, Automotive, Aeronautic, Chemistry, Pharmaceuticals, Petroleum industries, Machines-works, Transportation, etc.


Every year, the BLRB Chamber of Commerce organizes at least 5 conferences or round tables on various subjects linked to doing business in Russia and Belarus - customs, sanctions, legal framework, etc - and with keynote-speakers from Russia, Belarus, Luxembourg and Belgium. Those conferences are also the occasion for our members to share their experiences with other members. 

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  • Identification of potential business partners

  • Research of your ideal plot land due to our good contacts with the High Authorities of The Russian and Belarusian Regions

  • Market Studies: Identification of your competitive advantage, market size, key players and growth forecast

  • Customized business reports on the enterprises working at the Russian market: knowing your partners credentials and records is critical in achieving your business success in the new market

  • Accreditation of Representative offices and affiliates in Russia, registration for legal entities incorporated and existing under the Russian laws: We offer reliable, quick and price competitive service as we deal directly with the Russian authorities such as the Ministry of Justice and State Registration Office. We work so efficiently with the Russian authorities that, when establishing a representation office, it is not even necessary for you to come to Russia as we will handle all the paperwork from distance so that you save a lot of time and travel expenses.