COVID19: BLCC & BLRB "Business Web Lounge"

Updated: May 14, 2021

In the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, The Belgium-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Russia (for Russia and Belarus) leaded by Oleg Prozorov launched a "Business Web Lounge" to keep contact with members and provide resources, information and support to help you and your business get through the uncertainty and open new opportunities. Every week, we invite experts in the fields of economics, international trade, ratings and international relations from Russia, Belgium and Luxembourg to participate.

Discover all the interviews from our Business Web Lounge :

08/06 - Anatoly Gorshkov - Russia's Trade Representative in Belgium and Luxembourg

21/05 His Excellency Aleksandr MIKHNEVICH, Ambassador of Belarus to Belgium

18/05 Cindy TEREBA, Head of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce's International Affairs Division

29/04 René Branders, CEO of FIB Belgium and President of the Federation "Belgian Chambers"

14/04 Comment of A. Arianoff on the economic situation and work of the BLRB

Transcription of Arkady Arianoff's speech here

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