COVID19 : Comment of A. Arianoff on the economic situation and work of the BLRB

Updated: May 14

Arkady Arianoff, our Chamber of Commerce manager, gave a short interview to Oleg Prozorov, CEO and Member of the Board of BLCC Russia about the situation in Belgium linked to the coronavirus crises.

Here is the transcription of Arkady Arianoff' speech :

" Here in Brussels, we have known, long before Russia, the quarantine that actually paralyzes the country's economy. For example, just the hotels, restaurants and cafés have been closed for more than a month, recorded a dry loss of nearly 2 billion euros. Fortunately, billions have already been voted to cover job losses and those of the small self-employed. In addition, our banks intervene by posturing most repayments for already more than 2 billion euros.

On our part, we continue to inform our members as much as possible about the situation and changes in Russia, to help them resolve their problems.

Shipments, Customs, Repatriation, Visa, air flights are the main concerns.

We participate in video meetings like the one I had we the Federation of Chambers of Commerce which was very informative because the network brings together 35 chambers of commerce worldwide and various presentations, like ours, have made it possible to discover the various situations of the world and solve some problems. And of course we have regular meetings with the Board of the Chamber.

Preparing the recovery remains our priority.

Of course, we are waiting for the growth of Economic relations between Russia, Belarus and BELUX as soon as possible."

To discover other interviews by Oleg Prozorov with personalities of the business community in Russia during the coronavirus crisis visit the BLCC's facebook page here

The Belgium Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce for Russia and Belarus continues to assist you and your business 7/7 24/24. If you have a problem, our network of relationships in Russia can help you, do not hesitate to contact Arkady Arianoff +32473948655 or by mail

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