Grand Duke George: "Russia has many investment possibilities for those who are ready to take a leap"

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Grand Duke George of Russia, the son, and heir of Grand Duchess Maria, recently gave an interview about how he's living the coronavirus crisis in Moscow and the importance of the good business relations between Europe and Russia. H.I.H. Grand Duke of Russia George Mikhailovich Romanoff is the Honorary President of the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in the Russian Federation.

The 39-year-old Grand Duke travels often to Russia and runs the Brussels-based Romanoff and Partners firm, which promotes business between Russia and European countries.  Unfortunately, the firm has not been as active as the Grand Duke would like.   

" Yes, the firm still exists although it is not easy nowadays to work as a lobbyist for Russia in the EU because of the sanctions that have affected the relationship between Russia and the European countries. I have taken this as an opportunity to bring some changes to the company and start new projects.  I have been for a few years the honorary president of the Belgian Luxembourgish Chamber of Commerce with Russia with who I am actively participating and I have also been able to concentrate on charitable activities.  I was recently appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Food Bank Rus, the first food bank ever created in Russia."

Read the whole interview here

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